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Owl character design

Character design for a typography project. First of the series, titled: The story of letter M.

Long, long time ago, in the ancient country of Egypt, a letter M was born. It didn’t look particularly similar to our modern day letter M though. In fact the original letter M was an Egyptian hieroglyph for “owl”.
Egyptian hieroglyphs were a form of pictographs, graphic representation, that was meant to tell the story.The ancient Egyptian language had only one word to describe writing and illustrating, which indicates that Egyptians had seen a close relationship between the word and the image.
Over the span of thousands of years, this simple line drawing was further distilled into the hieratic symbol for the ‘em’ sound. Eventually, the great-grandparent of our M looked a bit like a handwritten ‘m’
balanced on the tip of one stroke.

Prints available for purchase: Magic Owl on Society6



owl copy