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Marta Satterthwaite, animator, cartoonist & graphic designer.


I am a self-taught designer and animator. I studied Political Science for my BA, and acquired MA diploma in Project Management, but my heart was always in design. I’ve worked in animation and design professionally since 2009, and have worked in print, film, animation, interactive and mobile/web.

My career began in Krakow, where I was working for eCard company. It was a great opportunity to combine design skills with my entry level flash animations. In 2010, I moved to Birmingham, UK. I was working there in a few creative studios, to finally settle in McCann Birmingham, where I currently work as a Senior Designer.

When I am not busy on freelance jobs, I work on my own projects – comic book style illustrations, series of paintings and animation tutorials. My usual tools of work are Illustrator and Photoshop, for videos it’s After Effects. I tend to start every project from a sketch.